We offer basic and advanced piercings, including intimate piercings for all.

Check out some of our work below.


Ear Piercings

Ear (5)
Here we have a double tragus from the co
Sorry for being late on my post but we a
Copy of A healed scapha with a #prium fr
Ear (4)
Ear (3)

Nose Piercings

Nose (3)
A beautiful solid gold morning glory fro
Pictured is a stunning rose cut Oregon s
We swapped to a white gold seam ring in
Nose (1)
Nose (5)

Tongue Bifurcation

Fresh tongue splitting on an awesome dud
Traveling all the way from California sh
Mom and daughter taking a second to pose
Tongue (4)
Another freshly healed split with some b

Subdermal Implants

Subdermal (1)
Subdermal (2)
Subdermal (3)
Subdermal (4)
Subdermal (5)